Why should I buy an AirFryer?

An air fryer lets you fry food easily by using heated air instead of oil, butter, or lard.

It’s designed for people who want to eat healthy meals that don’t cost a lot or take a lot of time to prepare. It can also be useful for people who are trying to lose weight and cut calories.

 Air Frying Cuts Out Unhealthy Added Fat & Calories

Many people are turning to air frying to cook healthier alternatives for themselves and their children. The Power AirFryer Oven is most commonly used to make traditional fried food like French fries, mozzarella sticks, and fried chicken. Some people use it for other meals, too, like roasted potatoes or desserts. 360° AirCrisp Circulation means air circulates around the top, bottom, and sides. People like to experiment with different kinds of foods like green beans or garlic bread because every side gets crispy. Others use the rotisserie function to roast kebabs or the dehydrator for beef jerky.

 Why Replace Deep-Fried Fast Food in Your Diet?

  • Over 50 million people eat fast food every day in America.


  • One study showed that the average fast food meal consumed by adults has 836 calories.


  • It’s widely believed that consuming food fried in trans fat-laden hydrogenated oil can lead to a variety of health problems like high cholesterol, clogged arteries, and obesity.


  • Hydrogenated oil is thought to be especially harmful when it’s re-used. Many restaurants re-use their oil to help lower overhead costs.


The popular blooming onion appetizer at many restaurants has an average of 1950 calories in every serving. One benefit of air frying is that it uses air to fry instead of oil. A blooming onion cooked in an air fryer has only 380 calories—over 80% less. To put this in perspective, the USDA recommends most women need 1600–2400 for weight maintenance. You need to burn roughly 3500 calories more than you take in to lose 1 lb. This translates into a reduction of 500 calories per day to lose one pound in a week.

 Fried Food That’s Easy to Clean, Easy to Cook & Costs Less

Cooking a regular family meal on the stove or in the oven means there are dirty pots and pans to clean up afterwards. An air fryer helps families minimize clean-up because all of the food cooks inside one unit. Cooking accessories like the stainless steel skewers, air flow racks, and fry basket are all dishwasher safe.

 Easy to Use – Easy to Air Fry

  • Designed for up to 75% More* Cooking Capacity
  • Just Put Food in & Press a Pre-Set Button
  • No Need for Recipes
  • Meals With < 15 Minute Cook Time
  • Cook From Frozen
  • Less Meal Prep – No Defrosting Time
  • 3 Air Flow Racks = Cook 3 Foods at the Same Time

Eating out is never good for your wallet. If you’re watching what you eat, preparing your own meals is the only way to control exactly what you’re consuming. Most restaurant meals are much higher in fat and calories vs. the same meal made at home. Healthy eaters often get frustrated by the high cost of restaurant meals that don’t taste good and aren’t healthy. With an air fryer, you’re able to use your own handpicked groceries and preferred serving sizes so it’s easy to control the quality, cost, and calorie count of your meals.

*vs. traditional air fryers.

Air Frying is Becoming Increasingly Popular as a Healthy Alternative

Air Frying is a relatively new way of cooking that replaces oil with heated air. Frying with air is becoming more and more popular because it not only helps reduce calories, it’s easier than regular cooking. Once food is placed in the unit, all you have to do is press a button. Since there’s very little one can’t cook inside an air fryer, a variety of foods can be made healthier for a variety of taste buds. The Power AirFryer Oven also lets users rotisserie and dehydrate foods with the same healthier benefits.  Instead of requiring more effort, it helps make life less stressful.

Try air frying your meals today!

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