These Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas Are Sure To Stuff Stockings Of Aspiring At-Home Chef

If there’s a special someone on your holiday gift-giving list who loves to cook, there are endless options on what to buy them. However, too many of these gifts easily fall into the categories of being a gimmick, unnecessary or underutilized. Ask yourself: Does this person really need another set of knives that claim to cut through aluminum cans – and why is that a selling point in the first place? With these possible pitfalls in mind, we’re here to offer a bit more insight into what to buy the aspiring chef or at-home cook this holiday season. Armed with this knowledge, we think this special someone will be supremely appreciative — and you’ll probably get a few mouth-watering healthy meals out of the deal, too.

– Laying the Groundwork: We never stop learning, but it sometimes take a bit of extra effort to digest the more important lessons. For the chef or at-home cook in your life who wants to start eating healthier, a bit of advice could be in order. Cooking classes are a great resource for this and are often held at respected restaurants or established culinary schools near the recipients location. When looking for a cooking class that specifically deals with eating healthier, look for a restaurant that has skewed its menu in that direction and not one that proudly serves dishes we all know to be unhealthy. At a local culinary school, you can similarly seek out instructors who are only using the freshest ingredients and steering clear of preparation methods that are known to be unhealthy – which leads us to our next suggestion…


– Best of Both Worlds: We all know that eating healthy often means foregoing some of our favorite foods. With a Power Air Fryer XL – or the recently-released Power Air Fryer Oven – you can continue to cook your favorite dishes without any of the guilt that comes with deep frying. That’s because these essential appliances rely on the rapid 360-degree circulation of super-heated air to cook, crisp and brown everything  from French fries to roasted chicken. The new Power Air Fryer Oven model boasts a crystal-clear front window so you can watch your meal cook,  while the flagship XL release allows you to choose from a “medium” or “family-sized” cooking capacity. No matter which model you choose for the cook in your life, the meals they prepare will benefit from being cooked without gallons of artery-clogging deep fryer oil. One bite of chicken tenders prepared with an air fryer will keep guests guessing how this finger food favorite was prepared.


– Stuffed Stockings: If the special someone in your life is just starting out on their culinary career path, we suggest giving them a boost by providing them with the so-called “little things” as stocking-stuffers. A cake stand, cheese board, personalized apron, blender, spice rack… the list goes on but the benefits of having these tools of the trade make the final gift so much more personalized.


Armed with the knowledge from cooking classes, putting their Power Air Fryer to use and serving meals on plates that you purchased all combine to form a gift package that will keep them cranking out healthy dishes for years to come.

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