Mom’s Favorite Cheesecake in the Power AirFryer XL

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? This year, we’re using The Power AirFryer XL to make a classic, creamy cheesecake. The Power AirFryer is an excellent alternative to deep-frying. We use it to make lower calorie cooking easy and fast. You won’t be able to taste the difference.

With the Power AirFryer XL, there’s no high fat oil necessary. This cheesecake recipe comes out perfectly moist on the inside with a crisp, golden graham cracker crust on the outside. The best part? Cooking time is just under 20 minutes.

Oil Free Frying at its Best!

The Power AirFryer XL isn’t just about low fat French fries. We’ve created tons of mouthwatering recipes specifically for the AirFryer. It’s perfect for making delicious desserts and crispy, golden-fried treats. Plus, it’s designed to sauté, roast, and sear, too. You get the same crispy-fried food you grew up eating. Except without the unhealthy added fat.

Low Fat Frying For Mother’s Day…

Just like this guilt-free cheesecakes, most Power AirFryer XL recipes cook in under 20 minutes. There’s no unhealthy deep fryer oil required! We served this cheesecake with colorful, fresh fruit like strawberries or blackberries. Mom will love it!

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Mother’s Day Cheesecake

Serves  15


1 lb. cream cheese
2   eggs, large
1/2  tsp.  vanilla extract
1  cup  honey graham cracker crumbs
2  tbsp.  butter, unsalted

  1. Cut a circle out of a piece of parchment paper. Arrange inside the Baking Pan.
  2. Mix butter and graham cracker crumbs together. Press into the Baking Pan.
  3. Place the Baking Pan in the Fry Basket and into the Power Air Fryer XL.
  4. Press the M Button. Scroll to the Roast Icon.
  5. Press the Power Button. Adjust cooking time to 4 minutes at 350° F.
  6. In a mixer, blend cream cheese and add the sugar. Add one egg at a time until creamy. Add the vanilla and mix well.
  7. Remove the Fry Basket from the Power Air Fryer XL. Pour cream cheese mixture on top of the graham cracker crust.
  8. Place the cheesecake back into the Power Air Fryer XL.
  9. Press the M Button. Scroll to the Bake Icon.
  10. Press the Power Button. Adjust cooking time to 15 minutes at 310° F.
  11. Chill for 3 hours before serving.



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