Eric Theiss Reveals His Best Kept Kitchen Secret

Do you love eating fried food? I do. These days, the next big thing is air fryers. Like a lot of you, I jumped at the idea of being able to replace my deep fryer.

We all know that even the best deep fryer makes a huge, greasy mess that’s impossible to clean up. And that even the best oil for deep frying is unhealthy and often loaded with chemicals.

So I never imagined there would be a machine that makes all of my favorite fried foods. With a fraction of the oil and calories & practically no clean-up.

I use the Power Air Fryer XL & so do most of my colleagues in the professional restaurant business. I like it because I never have to add any extra fryer oil or grease to my recipes. Too much oil kills flavor & turns crispy, fried texture soggy.

And let me tell you, my air fryer is so much more convenient than any of my deep fryers. The copper non-stick surface means nothing sticks & the fry basket is dishwasher safe.

I never dread soaking & scrubbing when I’m using my air fryer. It’s a no-brainer from start to finish. Just one touch on the pre-set control panel and dinner is cooking itself.

But the best part is that I can do so much more than just air fry. I can roast, steam, saute, and bake in this machine.

It’s done the job of my outdoor grill, oven, stovetop, toaster oven and steamer, many times over. I don’t have to use oil with the Power Air Fryer XL, so when I do, it’s for added flavor.

Tip: For the juiciest steaks you’ll ever eat, just mist a bit of olive oil over each fillet before you cook. I’ve found that extra virgin olive oil is the best oil for frying when it comes to taste.

Other models like the Philips Air Fryer and the NuWave Oven claim to do more than just air fry. Though none of them have the Power Air Fryer XL’s 400 degree Cyclonic Air Flow and patented vented air chamber.

That means your food is surrounded on all sides by super-heated air: the outside cooks to perfection while juicy moisture is locked inside. So even if I’m not air frying French fries or fish & chips, I can still use my air fryer to cook mouthwatering meals for my family.

My favorite dinner meal in the Power Air Fryer XL is roasted, rotisserie style chicken. For a light lunch or a side dish, I steam my favorite vegetables. And if I use the divider, I can make an entire meal, like grilled pork chops with stir-fried peppers and onions, all at once.

Isn’t that amazing?

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