Eric Theiss’ Fast & Healthy Thanksgiving in the Power Air Fryer XL

This Thanksgiving Day, I’m making everyone’s favorite crispy, golden-friend appetizers that used to be “off limits.” For dessert, we’re having fresh cherry pies and doughnut bread budding. And on Black Friday, I’m transforming my leftover turkey into perfectly toasted roast turkey reubens.

The best part? I’ll have zero guilt the next day.

Power AirFrying = No Extra Fat Required

How? With the Power AirFryer XL, I don’t need to add oil, butter, or shortening like with ordinary pots and pans or a traditional deep fryer. And I’m not sacrificing any of the traditional taste or texture of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes from childhood.

In the AirFryer, rapid air technology fries food with a whirlwind of turbo-cyclonic air. I get the same golden, crisp texture and taste I grew up with, but without all of the unhealthy trans fat and calories.

A 6-in-1 Multi-Cooker

Remember, it’s not just about air-frying. The Power AirFryer XL is designed to bake, steam, sauté, grill, and roast, too. Those cherry pies I mentioned? They come out baked to perfection, every single time. I’ve been able to organize my kitchen and get rid of so many pots, pans, and other cooking tools.

Easy Kitchen Organization & Fast Clean-up

I love using the AirFryer for big holiday meals because it takes the stress out of cooking. Dinner for 10? I’m not worried. The Power AirFryer XL gives me more time to spend with my family and guests.

One of the reasons I chose coconut shrimp for Thanksgiving is the super-fast cooking time. Only 10 minutes in the AirFryer! And when I’m finished cooking, my kitchen is still clean. There are no greasy, messy countertops to wipe down or pots and pans to soak and scrub.

And that’s it! The team at Power AirFryer XL wishes you a mouthwatering, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!


Eric Theiss




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