Eric Theiss Cooks Quick & Easy Traditional Favorites in the Power Air Fryer XL. Without the Guilt!

What’s your favorite, crunchy fried food?

In my house, our favorite crispy, golden brown dinner is chicken fingers & French fries.

For the days I’m short on time, air frying in the Power Air Fryer XL makes this dinner delicious without adding extra calories & unhealthy trans-fats.

Not only do my kids love it, but I love it, too. Growing up, we ate deep-fried food regularly. But these days, we know how harmful soy-based oil can be.

And how bathing our food in oil adds hundreds of extra calories and tons of fat. Now, I don’t want to have to give up my favorite homemade meals from childhood.

But I don’t want my family to get into the habit of eating unhealthy deep-fried food every night, either. And restaurant bills add up quickly.

In the Power Air Fryer XL, rapid air technology fries food with a whirlwind of superheated air. So I get the same crispy fried texture I love without the unhealthy oil, fat, or calories. And dinner is ready in minutes.

How? On “chicken fingers & French fries” night, all I have to do is make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home.

I pick up a bag of frozen chicken fingers & a bag of frozen fries. At home, they go right into the Power Air Fryer XL. No thawing required!

When I fry with superheated air in my air fryer, I don’t have to thaw out frozen food first. Not only does the Power Air Fryer XL make my life healthier, it makes it so much easier.

And because I’m not cooking with oil, there’s no greasy kitchen nightmare to clean-up afterwards.

On weekends when I have the time, I cut up fresh potatoes & bread chicken cutlets myself. But if you follow my quick tips for making chicken fingers & fries from frozen, I bet you won’t know the difference. I sure don’t!

Eric’s Quick Tips for the Fastest, Crunchiest, Golden-Brown Chicken Fingers & Fries Around

  1. Use the included divider to separate chicken fingers & French fries in the fry basket.
  2. Spray with a quick mist of extra virgin olive oil. You can also add any of your favorite herbs & spices, like paprika or oregano.
  3. When the cooking cycle is half-way finished, remove the Outer Basket. The timer will remember your initial setting when the Power Air Fryer XL re-starts, so don’t worry. Gently toss chicken fingers & fries, but do not remove the divider.

And that’s it! Just One-Touch on the preset digital panel and my family’s favorite dinner is fried to crispy, crunchy, golden perfection.

The best part? I can actually feel good about serving my family chicken fingers & French fries when I’m cooking with super-heated air. And I haven’t cheated on my diet, either!

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5 thoughts on “Eric Theiss Cooks Quick & Easy Traditional Favorites in the Power Air Fryer XL. Without the Guilt!

  1. patricia brown

    can you use raw potato’s cut into fries or do you have to blanch first?

    • powerairfryer

      Hi. You should blanch the fries first.

  2. richard lipcsey

    recieved my new power air fryer xl 5.3 qt . it is everything they say it is ive cooked steak chicken wings fish and even a frozen pizza every came out great very easy to use.

  3. Mike

    Why don’t you tell us HOW LONG to cook the frozen fries and chicken fingers and at WHAT TEMPERATURE. That’s what we REALLY need to know to start cooking them. This article was NOT HELPFUL at all.

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