Deep Frying vs Air Frying

Deep Frying vs Air Frying


Deep Fyer– High Amounts of Unhealthy Trans Fats

Power Air Fryer-Low Fat, Heart Healthy Cooking – No Additional Fats & Oils Necessary


Deep Fyer -Extremely High in Calories

Power Air Fryer-Up to 80% less calories than traditional frying


Deep Fyer -Requires Skill & Experience to Cook Correctly

Power Air Fryer-Automatic fuss free cooking, Digital easy one touch panel, Great for novices


Deep Fyer -Expensive Cooking Oil Must Be Replaced

Power Air Fryer-Rapid Air technology- uses little to no oil. Healthy Cooking. Save on Cost of Cooking Oil



Deep Fyer Complicated Set-Up – Heavy Oil Containers

Power Air Fryer-Simple to Use: Add Food + Push Button!


Deep Fyer Oil Creates Sloppy Mess – Kitchen Disaster

Power Air Fryer-Easy Clean-Up – Dishwasher Safe – No Oily Mess



Deep Fyer Not Right for All Foods

Power Air Fryer-Versatile: If You Can Put it in the Oven, You Can Air Fry It!



Deep Fyer Stuffy, Oily, Overheated Kitchen

Power Air Fryer-No Open Flame – Closed System Will Not Heat Up or Mess Up Your Kitchen



Deep Fyer Hot Oil May Become Toxic

Power Air Fryer-Oil Free, Chemical Free



Deep Fyer Dangerous Risk of Spills & Fires

Power Air Fryer-Oil Free, Flameless Cooking, Digital Thermal Control


Deep Fyer Hot Oil May Splatter & Cause Injury

Power Air Fryer-Closed System – Food Cooks Inside Unit






3 thoughts on “Deep Frying vs Air Frying

  1. Terrance Hoffman

    I made chicken wings and they were fantastic.

  2. Paula bonessi

    Great love it recommend highly it’s healthy get it

  3. We love our Air Fryer a must for healthy cooking! !!!

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