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Eric Theiss’ Fast & Healthy Thanksgiving in the Power Air Fryer XL

This Thanksgiving Day, I’m making everyone’s favorite crispy, golden-friend appetizers that used to be “off limits.” For dessert, we’re having fresh cherry pies and doughnut bread budding. And on Black Friday, I’m transforming my leftover turkey into perfectly toasted roast turkey reubens. The best part? I’ll have zero guilt the next day. Power AirFrying =…

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Deep Frying vs Air Frying

Deep Frying vs Air Frying   Deep Fyer– High Amounts of Unhealthy Trans Fats Power Air Fryer-Low Fat, Heart Healthy Cooking – No Additional Fats & Oils Necessary   Deep Fyer -Extremely High in Calories Power Air Fryer-Up to 80% less calories than traditional frying   Deep Fyer -Requires Skill & Experience to Cook Correctly…

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