A Tasteful, Useful, Healthy Gift for Your Favorite Graduate

May and June bring with them a ton of celebrations, from Mother’s and Father’s Day, to Memorial Day, to weddings and the start of the summer season.

If you count a high school or college senior among your family members or friends, it’s also time to celebrate their accomplishments as they get ready to head to college, grad school or out on their own in the working world. If you are frantically scratching your head wondering about suitable graduation gifts, this post is for you!

Whether your graduate is moving from mom and dad’s house into a college dorm, or leaving the dorm for a first apartment, we think an air fryer makes a great gift.

College freshmen moving into dorms or apartments will be stocking up on many appliances and supplies they previously took for granted: microwaves, toaster ovens, coffee makers and countless others. The list of wants and needs is long, and with only a few short weeks before the start of their first semester, shopping can be overwhelming. Dorm food is typically a step down from Mom’s homemade fare, and there are so many expenses stretching the budget that dinners out are probably going to be few and far between. The last thing any parent or relative wants is to see their loved one resorting to fast food because it’s easy and often cheaper than healthier options.

Similarly, those graduating from college or grad school and entering the workforce for the first time have a host of new expenses as well. In addition to rent, transportation and paying off those hefty college loans, the new grad may find they need a whole new work wardrobe – and that their first paycheck isn’t as large as they anticipated once taxes, health insurances and other surprises are deducted.

For any young person moving into a new situation, air fryers make a thoughtful gift that will help them make healthy, tasty meals without adding a time burden to their hectic new schedules. Air fryers will let them recreate their fried favorites, like chicken and French fries, with a fraction of the fat and calories, while still imparting all of the delicious, crispy flavor they crave. This will keep them from spending unnecessary dollars, and calories, on fast food when it seems that is the only option that fits their budget and schedule.

Air fryers are small and take up very little room. They are easy to use, and easy to clean. They fry with little or no oil involved, which means meals made with air fryers are much healthier than traditionally prepared methods. In addition, some models, like the as-seen-on-TV Power Air Fryer, do much more than fry: they can actually bake, sauté, grill and roast, making them the ultimate work-horse appliance for the new grad’s kitchen or dorm room.

A quick search of air fryer recipes shows everything from healthier fare like roast pork loin to desserts such as cherry pie. Cherry pie, in an air fryer? Yes, it’s possible and takes a matter of minutes to prepare.

So give a gift that’s sure to be unique, very useful, and much appreciated in the weeks and months ahead. An air fryer is a reasonably priced gift, and will include recipes and even grocery coupons to help with that first trip to the grocery store. We’re sure your favorite graduate will make lots of wonderful dishes, and will think of you and your generosity every time they whip up their favorite meals!

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