Get bathing-suit ready while still enjoying your favorite foods

Spring is here, so we must ask: How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions? If you’re like most of us, the resolve to eat healthier and ensure you’re ready for beach season went out the window somewhere around Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s so unfair – the foods most people love tend to be the least healthy options out there. Fried foods rank at the top of the “unhealthy” category – they are cooked with oil and result in lots of fat and calories. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to swear off these yummy options indefinitely…and while they taste great, they leave many of us feeling guilty about the chicken wings, onion rings, French fries, etc., that serve to undo all that hard work we’ve done in the gym!

If you’re feeling off-track in your health and fitness goals but are unwilling – or simply lack the willpower – to swear off your favorite foods until at least next Fall, don’t despair! An air fryer may be just the appliance you need to put a little joy back in your life, without putting the pounds back on your midsection.

Air fryers are popular small appliances that allow people to cook their favorite fried foods, with little or no oil, dramatically cutting the fat and calories of favorites like fried shrimp and chicken fingers. If cutting calories and fat aren’t enough good news, they are also able to fit on a kitchen countertop, enable quick and easy (not to mention delicious) meals, and offer easy clean up. What’s not to love here?

Taking a look at a couple of our favorite fast-food options – those same menu items you wind up ordering when you’re cold, tired and hungry, we can compare the calorie count:

  • A typical helping of fast-food French fries can have 340 calories. That same serving made in an air fryer only has 70 calories.
  • Chicken fingers look small, but can pack a huge calorie punch with nearly 800 calories in some cases. Make those chicken fingers at home with the same great taste and much less oil, and you have a 250-calorie meal that offers plenty of protein and, paired with a vegetable, a reasonable meal for after your workout. The best part is, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

By now you may be wondering how this is possible. The secret of air fryers is that they use only about a tablespoon of heart-healthy olive oil, and make use of super-heated air, to get the same flavor a deep fryer imparts. A small tablespoon of oil for recipes that generally serve four people means that you’re getting much more nutrition, far less fat and calories, and eating healthier without sacrificing your favorite foods.

An air fryer also keeps way more of the flavor than simply baking the same foods in an oven, and also retains the crispy texture that people love. This popular air fryer has one-touch, program cooking modes for popular fried recipes, as well as the ability to heat air up to 400 degrees.

Another positive: an air fryer won’t heat up your kitchen in the summer months the way an oven will, so you can enjoy homemade, healthier versions of your favorite fried foods year-round, without sweltering or running up your air conditioner bill.

With three more months until the official start of the summer season, you have plenty of time to continue your fitness regime and work toward that beach body you’ve always wanted. If you add an air fryer like the Power Air Fryer XL to you cooking arsenal, you may even find you’re enjoying your healthy meal plan, too!



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